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Welcome to Koh Ngai Cliff Beach Resort, Koh Ngai - Krabi, Thailand.

Kohhai is one of the most well known in Koh Lanta archipelago in Andaman sea .It is surrounded by many exotic islands such as Koh Kradan [The place that famous for its unconventional underwater wedding ceremony] , Koh Mook [ The Emerald cave, unseen Thailand], Koh cheuk , Koh Mha and Koh Rok. Some of these islands are the world’s best diving and snorkeling spots.

Kohhai is one of the exactly island what your picture when you think of a paradise –3 kilometers long white sandy beach, aquamarine crystal clear warm seawaters , lush greenery of tropical forest and many species of birds , especially hornbills. Form Kohhai tourists can conveniently travel to Koh Phuket , Koh Lanta , Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe, and Koh Langkawi by ferry boats during high season.

Kohhai Cliff Beach Resort is at the end of the north point in Kohhai near Koh Lanta . We offer our guests the best accommodation such as sea facing rooms , outdoor swimming pool on the top of the ridge , an airy restaurant on the beach serving appetizing Thai and Western cuisine , exclusive peaceful private beach, diving and snorkeling trip arrangements, Thai massage and free wi-fi.

The highlights of Kohhai Cliff Beach Resort is its excellent location All our rooms are 20- 30 metres above sea level provide you with panoramic ocean and sunrise views with many islands on the horizon, relaxing and basking under the warm sun by the pool side with the best viewpoint on Kohhai island , the breathtaking 200- degrees ocean view is bound to make every visit a memorable one.

The main restaurant provided dining area with fantastic sea view. A la carte menus offer both Thai and Western choices with new standards for innovative food concepts, great service and of course that fascinating view and atmosphere. also seafood corner in the evening.

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